Materials Available

We carry over a million pounds of various materials at any given time.
All our materials are stored in the best conditions possible, either in 50 lb bags, gaylord boxes with liners and covers or supersacks with liners. We take extreme care of our packaging in order to avoid any remote chance of cross-contamination. Our shipments are always handled with care , properly palletized and carefully stacked. We can guarantee every pound of material we ship out of our facilities. All the shipping paperwork is handled meticulously in order to avoid any delays and/or mishaps. All orders are carefully prepared and logged for easy traceability from our plant to the customer's final destination.

Current Inventory

Material Quantity
Form Melt
HDPE 200000 Pellet
LDPE 300000 R/G, Film reference:HD001  
Polypropylene 3T/L Month R/G Homopolymer, Copo.
Polypropylene 2T/L Month R/G talc filled 12 to 40
GPPS 41000 Clear R/G 12
LLDPE 60000 Film Clear
ABS 60000 Black R/G 14
Polycarbonate 54000 Blue Tint 16
PC-ABS 36000 M/C R/G 12
Rigid PVC 60000 M/C R/G Extrusion

All materials
Shipped out are
carefully packaged
and palletized!


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